Velour is a fabric that screams luxury. Plush and comfortable, with a sheen that gets you noticed from across the room, it’s been the choice of the ostentatiously comfortable for decades, and for good reason. Think 90s R&B stars, Tony Soprano, velour is active wear you couldn’t exercise in even if you wanted to.


Velour is made by cutting across looped threads with a special weaving process, which creates its signature soft texture, which feels almost too soft. Its use of cotton or polyester as the base fabric also makes it stretchy, adding to its comfort. Its bigger brother, velvet, which is made from silk, came from ancient China and the Middle East, and travelled through the Silk Road to Europe. Velour, which is made from cotton or polyester with the same technique, began to be mass manufactured in the 1840s. Until the 1970s, velour was primarily used for furniture and household items, but it began to be popular in clothing around the 60s and 70s.

The velour tracksuit really peaked around the 90s and early 00s, with all kinds of celebrities flaunting around town in flared velour pants and cropped hoodies. It’s a fascinating outfit, taking a fabric with the appearance of luxury, with a history of use by the well-heeled, and using it for a traditionally low-brow garment. Jennifer Lopez put out a whole fashion line based on that look, and wore it throughout her videos and performances. It was the look that defined an era of pop stars, R&B singers and rappers in particular. It fit perfectly into the 00s aesthetic: dyed in loud colours, comfortable to wear while somehow fitting just right on the red carpet. Those looks probably wouldn’t be replicated now, but defined an era of fashion icons.


CHECKS’ Velour Track Pants take the iconic fabric into 2018, with luxurious gold detailing and elegant script embroidery that compliment the textured nature of the fabric, all in a contemporary relaxed fit. They call back to the old school, without being stuck in the past, so they’ll fit into your 2018 wardrobe. They’re the perfect pant for lounging at home or hanging around town, for guys and gals. Any way you wear them, they’ll make you feel like royalty. 

Available now in navy or bottle green.


Written by Reilly Hodson

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