Rugger Shorts

Growing up I wore a lot of Rugby shorts, both on the field and off. They had to be from the classic sports brand Canterbury, and were always best when they had been washed countless times and had lost their original colour. You’d wear them to play on Saturday morning and throw them back on after they’d been washed.

With the return of the Rugby jersey to favour along with short shorts, the Rugby short felt like a natural way for us to return to our roots. Their practical hard wearing nature and no frills design, made to stand up to the most brutal of matches, making them a reliable old friend. We prefer the style from the early '90s and before, when they were made from a hefty cotton with a more vintage feel, before synthetic fabrics became favourable.

Taking this icon of New Zealand sport, we added the Checks spin, using our favourite gutsy wide wale corduroy in a range of poppy colours. Maintaining the short inseam, five inches for those that care, comfortable elasticated waist, for practicality we added two front pockets and a single rear patch pocket. Setting it off is a 90s style rubber patch on the left hem.

Rugger Shorts Raspberry

Rugger Shorts Turquoise

Rugger Shorts Purple

Corduroy has long been used for sports where a hard wearing resilient fabrication is required, such as hunting jackets or sport trousers, we are talking in the early 1900s when even your sports attire was still very dressed up by today's standards. It is the kind of fabric that looks great new, but actually gets better with wear as it softens up and develops a lived in charm. Unlike a lot of modern things that we find deteriorate as soon as you receive them. Corduroy's history as a hard wearing sporting fabric along with it's vintage appeal makes it our absolute favourite fabric, you may have noticed, and thus perfect for our Rugger shorts. 

We love to make garments that are unisex, these shorts are truly that. There shorter length suiting people of all heights and builds. Our rugger shorts have already become the kind of garment that are just as heavily worn and enjoyed as our favourite old Canterbury shorts.

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