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Job Vacancy - Production Co-ordinator


Manage the production from collection planning, sampling, ordering through supply chain management including logistics related to shipping and fulfillment. This includes relationship management with manufacturers, freight agents and wholesale buyers.

Specific Responsibilities

Sampling & Manufacturing

  • Sample development – working between design team and manufacturer to produce physical samples
  • Working with design team to manage design time frame ensuring key dates are met
  • Production management with key offshore factory contacts, managing time line and key dates
  • Quality control in sampling & manufacturing

Shipping, Logistics & Relationships

  • Managing and staying aboreast of wholesale partners compliance requirements, taking a no surprised approach
  • Co-managing key wholesale relationships and KPIs and specifically Nordstrom at this stage
  • Managing and co-ordinating all freight between supplier and end destination
  • Developing and establishing a mid–term plan to establish 3rd-party logistics
  • Establishing quality control measures between manufacturer and direct delivery

Collection Planning

  • Develop plan for quarterly collections by reviewing direct and wholesale sales history
  • Review wholesale buyer feedback
  • Provide structured reporting by season on product line, categories, and by geography
  • Maintain awareness of market conditions and trends, having conviction to bring forward ideas to a collaborative team - with willingness to accept compromise and others input
  • Using this plan, work with design team to ensure all information is incorporated


  • Highest level of organizational skills with strong attention to detail
  • Strong time management
  • Bring passion, creative thinking and interest to Checks
  • Being meticulous in quality control with high attention to detail
  • Able to develop strong relationships both in person and digitally
  • Clear and effective verbal communication skills
  • Strong written and digital communication skills that addresses dealing with different cultures and people who use - English as a second language
  • Friendly, positive, and outgoing disposition


  • Reporting to Principal
  • Meet weekly to report on routine sampling and manufacturing developments, and as needed highlighting exceptions
  • Meet monthly to provide summary of all supply chain, shipping and logistics matters
  • Meet quarterly to evaluate, refine and update collection plans based on previous results, linking together past collections with future vision.
  • In consultation with Principal, work with Design Assistant on collection planning and design
  • Co-ordinate with Sales Assistant to satisfy fulfillment of wholesale orders

To apply, please contact with your CV and cover letter.

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