We're Not Perfect

We strive to deliver the highest value possible with our product, we appreciate that in paying a more premium price for made in New Zealand goods you expect a higher standard. That is the point, if you pay a little more at the beginning it pays off in the long run as the higher grade of labour and materials will last longer and wear better.

Most of the cost of our goods goes in to labour as having our garments made domestically means the seamstress’ are being paid a living wage and working in very comfortable conditions, this means that their output in terms of quantity of garments able to be produced per day is much lower than in other countries which are systemised to maximise output. But that suits us fine.

We have been expanding our product range over the past six months and trying our hand at new product lines. However in the process we have had a couple of teething problems, this has predominantly been in the matter of fastenings. Often it is the last thing that is added to a garment that is letting us down.Specifically the culprit here is domes, we love the sporty appeal of a snap finish. However we may have been a bit gung ho in going in to some of these new finishings but it seemed simple. Sometimes different fabrics have different requirements and we have learned from this process and will implement changes for future products.

Part of the beauty of having a bricks and mortar store and utilising social media to connect with our clients is that we can have a direct dialogue with our customers.

As such if you ever do have an issue with one of our garments, big or small, we implore you to let us know. Bring or send it back to us with some feedback and we will right the issue or replace the item. Free of charge. We hope you’ll give us this opportunity and allow us to improve these garments. We appreciate those of you that have done this already.

We appreciate that by buying something from us you would have high expectations, so do we and we intend to deliver on them. However put simply clothes are made out of fabric and thread and nothing is impenetrable, even if you were to buy something from a luxury brand it is entirely possible a button may come loose or seam unstitched. This is by no means us throwing our hands in the air, more that we are saying we stand behind our products and welcome all feedback. Each season will get better and we will continue to deliver a better product year on year.

It is common that once companies build ‘brand’ or longevity they can raise their prices or increase their margin with lower priced goods. This is our promise here and now that we will only improve our products and deliver a higher standard. We thank you for supporting us continually as we reach new heights.

— Checks Downtown

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